Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Clinton Sparks Runs The Fugees Through the Trap

What great memories from a truly classic album. Back in 1996 the Fugees were ahead of their time when they released The Score. Lead by the hauntingly melodic Ready or Not, they took us to a place we had never been before with a deadly mix of Lauryn Hill harmony and Wyclef raps. One of the biggest let downs in music to this day was their inability to continue making great music together.

Lack of longevity aside, Clinton Sparks decided to run their most classic track through the trap. While I wouldn't call it a masterpiece of a remix, I can appreciate the tempo and heavy bass he was able to impart into the original. Picture the original vocals mixed with a few speaker pounding interludes of pounding bass. Your speakers will appreciate the workout on this one and the best part about it is that Clinton put it on his Soundcloud for free.50...#ReadyOrNot

Fugees - Ready or Not (Clinton Sparks Trap Remix)


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