Friday, July 11, 2014

Videos of the Week July 11th

As per usual, a bit of funny and strange mixed with great music videos. Let's start with the strange, how about Marcus Tisdale (pretending) to blatantly smoke crack on the streets of San Francisco with little or no reaction from anyone...including law enforcement. Man, the Bay Area takes liberal to a whole nother. Continuing with the odd, it was nice watching Jimmy Fallon look up Halle Berry's skirt do the human hamster wheel just for fun. There's probably good reason why he couldn't keep from smiling and everyone in the band was giving that "ooohhh sh****t" look.

Music wise, a whole lot of well put together R&B with some new Bobby Ray off his recently released No Genre 2 mixtape. Aloe Blacc's version of Hello World is better than the overly harmonious World Cup version IMO. On the serious side, it's tough not to get emotional while watching John Legend's You & I video. Lots of people enjoying companionship and conquering life together, which is a uplifting to see when given the right soundtrack...#NobodyInTheWorld
Comedian Smokes Crack in San Francisco, Nobody Cares (Videos)

Aloe Blacc - Hello World (The World Is Ours) (Video)

Jimmy Fallon & Halle Berry's Human Hamster Wheel

B.O.B. - Follow Me (Video)

John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World) (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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