Monday, July 28, 2014

Passion Pit Feels Alright Remixing One Republic

How bout a dose of rolling electro thunder? Yep, that's about what Passion Pit's remix of One Republic's Love Runs Out amounts to. I dig how they used the original Ryan Tedder vocals and added their own funky symphony of excitement. The deep thump of the bass provides plenty of room for the quirky synths to work their magic.

The real question is, when is Passion Pit going to put together a third studio album? Word has it from lead singer Michael Angelakos it's in the oven, but there's no lead single release date that I know of. It will be tough to top Gossamer, but if the remix below is any indication, there's plenty to be excited about...#PassionPit

One Republic - Love Runs Out (Passion Pit Remix)


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