Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Goddess is Coming, Time to Beg for Thread

As I hear more and more of BANKS' music, I'm now finding myself anticipating dark, somber music when I press play. While that has usually been the case (don't get me wrong, she does it well), she bucks that trend with a upbeat new sing-along in Beggin' For Thread. When I say upbeat, I'm talking about the instrumental because the lyrics are steeped in turmoil and conflict. There's no better way to illustrate that then the lyric video below that uses animation and creative timing to drive home the point...

The best news I have to bring is that BANKS' debut album Goddess is just over a month away now. You can bet when September 9th hits, I will be running laps around the album in hopes of understanding the breadth of what she is capable of musically. So far she's definitely got my attention as Beggin' For Thread may be one of my favorites of hers...#BegginForThread

BANKS - Beggin' For Thread


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