Friday, July 25, 2014

Videos of the Week July 25th

Plenty of silly with a substantial dost of Hip Hop in this week's top 5. A bit of a toss up between silliest videos with The Rock/Jimmy Fallon and Nardwuar/Chad Ochocinco coming in neck and neck. One casual observation is that Jimmy Fallon needs to step up his leg crunch game because he was getting put to shame by Dwayne Johnson.

It's been a long time time since Bei Maejor or Maejor Ali released some new music, so the collabo with Jack Johnson was a pleasant surprise. Add to that one of the many videos released by B.O.B. last week off his No Genre 2 Mixtape and you've got a couple of notable Hip Hop releases. The most quirky and interesting video of the week goes to Schoolboy Q who was punked by his DJ when he tipped off a groupie that he liked aggressive women. Hilarity ensues, but it's a small glimpse of what these rappers lives are like on the road...#GroupieLove
Jimmy Fallon & The Rock Create a Workout Video

Bei Maejor feat Jack Johnson - Upside Down (Video)

B.O.B. feat Jason Lambo - The Nation (Video)

Nardwuar Interviews Chad Ochicinco

Schoolboy Q Tells an Intersting Groupie Story

Photo Credit: YouTube


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