Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Your Wish My Command, Go Head Take My Hand"

So a few months back I mentally bookmarked the name Majid Jordan. I did so because one of my favorite blogs/crews, Octobers Very Own, seemed to be co-signing the talented R&B duo of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. We’ve all witness what happened with The Weeknd becoming a household name over the past year. To this point, you can’t really argue with the OVO track record.

Recently Majid released A Place Like This, which on first listen didn’t really stand out to me. But like a fine wine it has grown on me over time. In short, the song succeeds in its simplicity. The beat isn’t complicated, but the gradually increasing, whiny synths really stuck with me. Great R&B has to be able to evoke emotion and the duos somber and subtle harmony really work well with the beat. Reminds me a bit of Miguel’s first couple tracks where you listen to it and you know there’s a seed in there that’s destined to grow into something great. You better believe I’m excited for what’s to come from Majid in the near future…#PlaceLikeThis

Bonus: Check the newly minted video below...

Majid Jordan - A Place Like This


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