Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HudMo Wields Chimes That Pack a Punch

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding new HudMo music and after seeing him live in concert last month, I can fully substantiate those rumors. One of the many heat rocks he let loose during his hour and a half set was Chimes. Make no mistake about it, your speakers will need to be able to handle depth and grandeur to appreciate his new one.

The track starts off harmlessly enough with tip-toeing synths, but then the back end comes through like a freight train to drive home the heavy sound. Nobody can match the crispness of HudMo's sound at the volume he's able to crank out music. Unfortunately, we may not be getting a full length album, but on September 30th he will be releasing a new four song Chimes EP to iTunes. Those four songs plus production on Kanye's new album is what we can look forward in 2014 from one of the best producers in the game...#Chimes

Hudson Mohawke - Chimes


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