Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Just Friends, Superfriends

Here’s another track that I ‘ve really grown to love over the past month and just haven’t gotten around to posting. I’ve waxed poetic a few times about ZHU’s uniquely awesome mix of funk and EDM and I can think of no better case in point than Superfriends. It has a few edgy screwed up Hip Hop samples sprinkled throughout with the high pitched vocals we’ve come to expect from ZHU tracks.

I’d liken the track to San Francisco weather. It may start out sounding like an upbeat dance track, then ten seconds later it sounds like a Hip Hop track. But then a little later it adds in an intriguing chord progression, followed by more Hip Hop and finishing with a calmingly refreshing percussion led fade out. In other words, you can go a few seconds (blocks) and have a completely different sound (weather). Semi-confusing analogy aside, if you haven’t checked out ZHU’s debut EP, you’re missing the bus…#NightdayEP

ZHU - Superfriends


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