Friday, July 18, 2014

Videos of the Week July 18th

Well, let's call a spade a spade, this week's videos is more or less a Drake ESPY highlight reel. This was the first time Drake has gotten a big time hosting gig and it seems like he overwhelmingly knocked it out of the park. I'd say the biggest surprise for me was Drake and Chris Brown getting along and banding together in a skit. Word came last week that they were working together on music, but it seems like they've finally buried the hatchet.

Any award show host has to have enough clout to feel comfortable making fun of a lot of famous people and that's exactly what Drake did. He roasted all runners up with his Honorable Mention ballad, delivered an entertaining Manny Pacquiao impression, burned Danica and threw Macklemore under the bus while he was at it. It all resulted in a really entertaining night with plenty of great highlights. The only other really noteworthy video of the week was Weird Al's Handy, which spoofs Iggy Azalea's Fancy. Nobody does parody videos like Wierd Al and it's great to see he's still got it...#ImSoHandy
Drake vs Blake featuring Chris Brown Skit (ESPYs)

Drake & Brian McKnight Side Pieces Duet (Espys)

Drake Honorable Mention, The Song for ESPY Losers

Drake Sings Let It Go as Manny Pacquiao

Weird Al Yankovic - Handy (Iggy Azalea Fancy Spoof)

Photo Credit: YouTube via ESPN


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