Saturday, July 12, 2014

Still CRNKN Out the Deep House

Want a track devoid of edges? I've got you. CRNKN's new track with the incredibly talented Jhene Aiko goes down super smooth. Now that the potential of deep house as a genre is starting to become more and more realized by the masses in the US, more and more swanky tracks like Still are surfacing.

I wish Jhene could have added more than a few echoed vocals, but her presence was appreciated on the track. If you listen closely, there's a quick beat breakdown around the 2:10 mark that contrasts well as a bridge between the bouncy rhythms. Deep house might as well be called new funk because it's chill, but it entices you to dance, no matter how hard you try not to. Keep an eye out for CRNKN, he's got some serious skills as a DJ...#Still

CRNKN feat Jhene Aiko - Still


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