Tuesday, July 01, 2014

"Finish What We Started, We'll Be the Lionhearted"

Admittedly, I'm about four years behind on the Porter Robinson train. Since the age of 18 he's been on the rise, reaching the top of Beatport's overall chart three times before the age of 21. Over the past year he's been dominating the main stage of all your favorite festivals including Ultra, Tomorrowland and Bonaroo to name a few.

Rather than focus on what he's done, let's talk about what he's doing now in the form of a studio debut album called Worlds that is going to hit iTunes in mid-August. If you're as behind as I am, you should probably give a listen to the first two singles off the album Sea of Voices and Sad Machine before pressing play below. Lots of progressive house marked by ethereal synths that are more calming and dreamy than excitable.

What I find most cool about his music is the organic Indie vibe he's able to impart into his music. Call it Indie EDM or Indietronica if you want to be super specific, whatever it is, it's imaginative. Lionhearted is a great case in point. With the help of Urban Cone, Porter is able to create a Passion Pit meets funk vibe. All in all, it's upbeat, fun and extremely catchy. Color me excited for the full length studio album if the singles are an accurate representation of what's to come...#Lionhearted

Bonus: Check the video below...

Porter Robinson feat Urban Cone - Lionhearted


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