Friday, December 06, 2013

Videos of the Week Decemeber 6th

I've got a buy one get one free deal going on this week's collection of video. Due to the influx of videos I wasn't able to narrow down on five, so y'all get six. In particular, I'd pay attention to the PBS animated 2Pac video where they sketched up some visuals to match the original interview. The visuals do a really good job of portraying a lot of the messages 2pac explained in the interview. The video that's getting the most acclaim this week is by far Lana Del Rey's 27 min Tropico video. I'll say that there have been mixed reactions, but the common thread it that people react strongly to it.

I love how Lorde's legacy is steadily growing, and you can't get much more crowd pleasing than Pitbull and Ke$ha's Timber. Not sure about you guys, but I can't wait for Anchorman 2. Oh and if you haven't been teased by Detox for over a decade like me, then you should get excited for new Kendrick Lamar tracks produced by Dr. Dre...#Detox
Uncut Tupac Interview From ’94 Brought To Life In New Animated PBS Video

Pitbull & Ke$ha - Timber (Video)

Will Farrell Talks Music Cameos in Anchorman 2

Lorde - Team (Video)

Lana Del Rey - Tropico (27 min video)
Bonus Video:
Kendrick Lamar Beats By Dre Commercial (Directors Cut)
Photo Credit: YouTube via PBS


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