Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Take it to the Satellite, Tonight"

Of course, the second I start noting a general lack of quality Hip Hop, here comes Kid Cudi out of the blue with a track that you'd swear should have been on Man on the Moon. If his new track, Satellite Flight, is any indication of what his new album is going to sound like, color me excited. Not just because he's getting back to his uniquely chill and melodic form of Hip Hop, but because it sounds like there's quite a bit of vigor behind his new music...

The mix of quirky synths cooked up by Dot Da Genius and the methodical harmony of Cudi get back to the core of what makes them a formidable duo. They are capable of a form of Hip Hop that no one else can create, which is hard to do these days and what makes new music from them that much more awesome. I now have a good answer to the elusive question of "what Hip Hop album are you excited about?" Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon, that's what I'm talkin' bout...

Kid Cudi - Satellite Flight (prod by WZRD)


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