Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Lookin' Jubilant as Jeezy"

Ever since Lupe scrapped his Food & Liquor II album this fall, fans have been left wanting more. Lucky for us, Lupe was nice enough to give us an unreleased freebie as a Kwanza gift from the album that never launched. I know what you're thinking, it's one of those, "well I might as well give them this one since it was a filler track anyway" tracks. Not even close, I'm willing to bet Piru Blues would have been a single on the album.

It's hard to describe gang-banging in an eloquent way, but if there's anybody that can pen a story to make people understand, it's Lupe Fiasco. There's a beautiful simplicity in the way he expresses raw emotion through his lyrics. The most admirable part about it is that he doesn't need to use explicit words to convey a violent, but overlooked message regarding the way young people throw away their lives. If 2014 brings anything positive, I hope it's a decrease in the seemingly never-ending bloodshed in Chiraq....#PiruBlues

Lupe Fisco - Piru Blues (prod by DJ Simonsayz)


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