Tuesday, December 03, 2013

"Head in the Clouds But My Gravity is Centered"

There's so much opportunity in electronic music right now, it's ridiculous. Every week I hear a new song from someone I've never heard of who managed to twist and bend synthesizers with beats in a way that I've never heard before. Case in point Alex Young, who managed to combine some heavy trap sounds with fun, quirky, engaging synthesizers. It's a little unnerving that a song with such personality like SWTRWTHR is produced by a 17 year old prodigy, but nothing should surprise anyone these days. I'm not usually one to make snap judgments, but I'd be willing to side with Vibe magazine's opinion that Alex is one of the top 25 EDM DJs in the game right now. At the very least, I'll be keeping an ear out for new stuff from the DC native, so keep it locked for more of his material to come...#SWTRWTHR

Alex Young - SWTRWTHR


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