Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"Don't Play Girl, Throw That Back"

Every now and again I come across a beat that sinks it's teeth into me and doesn't let go. The beat on B.o.B.'s new one featuring the habitually violent Chris Brown would fall into that category. To Bobby Ray's credit, he produced it himself, which makes me appreciate the yodeling sample on Throwback even more. You just don't hear that much on a Hip Hop tracks, which is a big reason why I continue to resist hitting next track when the track below comes on.

Full disclosure, I haven't taken a full lap around Bobby Ray's new album Underground Luxury, but I am a big fan of his singles so far. Headband was one of my favorite Hip Hop tracks of 2013 and All I Want has continued to get love on cool out playlists of late. I doubt anything he ever releases will ever touch The Adventures of Bobby Ray, but it's a good sign to see that two albums later he's still making engaging, creative music. December 17th ---> #UndergroundLuxury

B.o.B. feat Chris Brown - Throwback


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