Saturday, December 07, 2013

Amba Shepherd Shows the Potential of Acoustic EDM

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted the original version of Hardwell and Amba Shepherd's Apollo. At the time, I wrote off the track as just another house anthem, but over time it became one of those go to songs that everyone could vibe with. A big part of that is Amba Shepherd's role in the track. Her angelic vocals mesh so well with the memorable chord progress.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a passing fad or if it will be a trend that has staying power, but the stripped down versions of memorable EDM tracks are just awesome. The differences in tempo and extraction of synths offer such a different experience that it allows the listener to find a new way to enjoy the track all over again. No disrespect to Hardwell, but Amba gets the nod for driving the acoustic version home. It's like going get ice cream and finding out they not only have chocolate, they have fudge brownie. It tastes sorta like chocolate, but in a much different and awesomer sort of way...#IceCreamAnalogy


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