Monday, December 16, 2013

"I'ma Take It To the Top Top Top of the World"

It's sad that I rarely hear Hip Hop tracks that really catch my attention anymore. In fact, just last weekend my step-brother was asking me what upcoming Hip Hop albums I'm excited for and I couldn't think of a good answer to save my life. Maybe my tastes are irreversibly changing toward EDM and I'm losing touch of what good Hip Hop is. I don't have an answer, but I do have one of those rare songs that I have had on repeat all day long.

In what could be one of my favorite collaborations of 2013, Mike Posner, Big Sean and Diplo just crafted a gem in Top of the World. Everything from the Sean Don verses, to the knock of the Diplo beat, to the Mikey P hook, shoot even the banter at the end of the track was entertaining. It very well could be equal parts pop and Hip Hop, but whatever the case, it's a great song and one that I am thoroughly excited about. Keep an eye out for Posner's upcoming Pages album that is scheduled to hit stores sometime in early 2014...#TopOfTheWorld

Mike Posner feat Big Sean - Top of the World (prod by Diplo)


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