Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Bravado Like Mavado, Boy I'm that Gully"

Ok ok Hip Hop, point taken. It's as if I woke a sleeping giant, I honestly couldn't have planned it more ironically. Literally the day after I declare the current state of Hip Hop boring, here comes Cudi left hook and Rick Ross/Jay Z haymaker. In the past I've been real critical of Rozay because I value lyrical depth, which isn't his forte. I'm not saying his newest heat rock with the Jiggaman bucks that trend, but I will say that he brought his A game. He did what he does in a slow, charismatic way that got me excited to listen to the track. It's a compliment to say that he built up anticipation for Jay Z's verse. It's like when you start a #3 receiver in the fantasy football playoffs and he goes off for three touchdowns before your studs play. Your excitement grows and it takes the pressure off your studs from producing. That's what I felt like listening to The Devil is a Lie.

I feel like the foundation for the track's success was the heavy, horn filled beat by K.E. In the video below he speaks on the tracks creation...

Make no mistake, Jay Z played his part as Mariano Rivera, but the track as a whole was impressive. Although it's release has been pushed back til 2014, don't forget about Rick Ross's upcoming album Mastermind...#DevilIsALie

Rick Ross feat Jay-Z - The Devil is a Lie (prod by K.E. On The Track)


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