Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dubstep With Dinosaur Cover Art

When elements like heavy bass, dubstep and trap can all be throw together in one beautiful symphony, you've got my attention. This isn't the first time that Savoy has come through with something this awesome, but they continue to churn out awesome EDM on a consistent basis. It doesn't happen much, but it's usually a good sign when a group goes out of their way to remix their own track. The trio from Brooklyn employed a few epic drops that will make even the most square non-dance music fan nod their head a little bit. You can add me to the list of bloggers who are more than a little excited to hear Savoy's upcoming Self Predator album, due out on January 14th. Just cranked up the volume on this guy and that was one of the better decisions I've made the past 24 hours...#ImInNeed

Savoy - I'm in Need (Savoy VIP Remix)


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