Monday, December 30, 2013

Afrojack Gets in on the Destruction

I've taken a lot of pride in this website's stance on being a predominantly Miley-free zone. Sure, I'll dip into pop every now and again, but standards in practical terms are defined as not feeding into the media beast that has turned Hannah Montana into an attention magnet. All that being said, thanks to Afrojack I'm willing to tangentially sell out because his remix of Wrecking Ball has the potentially to be the highlight of a New Years playlist. There have been a whole lot of people losing their sh word over the remix, so hopefully you're just as smitten. Even if you're not, the good news is, it's tough to tell what song is being remixed until the 3:23 mark when Miley's verse kicks in. Her minute and a half vocals are brief in the grand scheme of things, which means there's plenty of build up and breakdown. Hate if you want, but your girlfriend is gonna be wildin' out and dare I say twearkin' to this one tomorrow night...#NYE

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Afrojack Remix)


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