Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Please Pick Me, Love's a Team Sport"

When I first posted the original version of @JustinBieber's latest single Boyfriend, I commented that the track sounded a lot like Ying Yang Twins' Whisper Song. So what does Biebs do? He goes and recruits @yingyangtwins on the Boyfriend (Remix). I'd say it's safe to say Ying Yang sounded at home on the remix and added a needed level of subtle sleaziness to the track.

Even though the first remix was solid, I'd favor remix number two featuring the fresh new lyricists. Maybe, just maybe @2chainz is starting to grow on me a little with his unapologetic southern rhymes. @macmiller and @asherroth did some work on their verses by adding their own quick witted playalistic bars. All things considered, Asher's verse wins in this remix competition. From the 7 minutes in heaven reference, to the talk of sliding his hands to second base, and finally finishing with the most universal truism that everyone wants to be like Selena and Biebs, Ash simply slayed it. It's the type of lyricism that was needed from the start, causing me to give an emphatic stamp of approval...#CountIt

Justin Bieber feat 2 Chainz, Asher Roth & Mac Miller - Boyfriend (Remix)


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