Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Deadmau5 Calms With The Veldt

So many people associate EDM with electro craziness that young kids listen to while on drugs. Despite that being partially true, there are a few artists who have a unique ability to calm listeners with soothing synthesizers. No electronic artist can put together a Pure Moods quality track that is upbeat enough to play in the club, but has the ability to take you to a open field mentally like @deadmau5.

With the help of house producer/vocalist @CjamesOfficial, Deadmau5 managed to create a really enjoyable lead single off his upcoming The Veldt EP due out June 22nd. There are a couple really cool behind the scenes tidbits about this track that make it all the more enjoyable. First, the song is based off the short Sci-Fi story "The Veldt" by renowned author Ray Bradbury. Second, Deadmau5 released the instrumental to fans only to hear one of his fans (Chris James) had created a vocal version with lyrics inspired by the Ray Bradbury story. He ended up doing such a great job on the vocal version that the official released version will feature his lyrics. Not only is the song great, but the story behind the track is great and has an added layer of meaningfulness...#EveryoneWins

Deadmau5 feat Chris James - The Veldt


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