Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"Cause I Be Goin' Ham, I Be Goin' Crazy"

I've talked many times before about how the business model in modern music needs a serious overhaul. Artists don't get as much as they de$erve and fans get raked through the coal$ by having to pay increasing amounts of money for an album. So how do you fix it? That's the million dollar question that has yet to be answered, but David Banner is going to attempt to follow in the footsteps of two well known comedians in an attempt to find a solution. Long story short, I've got a lot of respect for @louisck (Live at the Beacon Theatre) and more recently @jimgaffigan (Mr. Universe) for swimming against the current and cutting out the middle men out of the equation.

When you think about it, if you're well known and already have a fan base, why do you need a big network to air your show or a record company to endorse and promote your release? It's like saying I'm going to drive across the street in this huge, fancy SUV when walking across the street would make a hell of a lot more sense and be more cost effective. What's great is @THEREALBANNER feels the same way and going to put his album on his site available for download if you donate any amount of money. Hear him talk about how much value you're getting for an amount of money you think he deserves when you purchase his newest album Sex, Drugs and Video Games.

What's really cool about the album is that it's chalked full of singles and has every bit of assumed quality you'd get out of a highly publicized studio album. Case in point the four singles he has already released Castles in Brooklyn, Califonication, Let Me In, and Believe prior to the track below. I'd say this one would fall in right behind Believe as my favorite so far on the album. The beat is about as sick as it gets for an upbeat Hip Hop track and features a solid hook and verse from @chrisbrown.

Do me a favor by joining the 2M1 Movement and show a lil love to Mississippi's finest rapper not named Big K.R.I.T. on May 22nd when he sticks his neck out and attempts to do what no other rapper has done before by taking control of his intellectual content...#CopIt

David Banner feat Chris Brown - Amazing (prod by David Banner)


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