Monday, May 14, 2012

The Devil's Work Happens in the Dirty South

Seeing that I'm a fan of Swedish pop music, there was little hesitation in deciding to post Australian DJ @dirtysouth's uptempo, EDM rendition of @miikesnow's hit Devil's Work. In case you're not familiar with the original song that was recently released on Miike's latest album Happy to You, feel free and check out the video and supplementary film accompanyment...

Yea I know what you're thinkin', man that might have been the plainest, most mundane video I've ever seen. I guess some people might find it artsy in a way? Either way not my deck of cards.

The good news is, the original track got a shot of hot sauce in the form of a electronica thanks to DJ Dirty South. If you're wondering whether this track came out of left field, you are mistaken and I've got a few heat rocks as evidence. On his list of badass remixes are @nerouk's Me and You, @skylargrey's Invisible and @DIRTYMONEYCREW's Coming Home. That's a stacked lineup of great tracks that he managed to infuse energy into and I can say that I've had all of them on a playlist at some point in the past year.

Only beef I've got with the remix below is the first minute of the track, which is so repetitive it might cause you to drive your car into oncoming traffic. On the flip side, the cover art that mixed his logo with Miike Snow's logo was pretty exemplary. Nothing cooler than a devilish jackalope for cover art...#Truth

Miike Snow - Devil's Work (Dirty South Remix)


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