Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diplo - "I Wanna Set it Off!"

I've always had a healthy respect for Diplo, mostly because of all the artists he'd help make relevant. From @_m_i_a_ to @MAJORLAZER, he's always been known for making upbeat, electronic music that doesn't sound like anything you've heard. And that didn't change one bit on his newest single Set it Off. From the back and forth electo rhythms to the high pitched sample and dancehall percussion, this song is the real deal. Around the 2:15 mark it even sounded like a there was a @knifepartyinc sample in there? When considering the song as a whole, I wouldn't dare ever try to keyhole it into any specific genre, all I know is that it has the propensity to make you wanna dance.

I'm not sure where exactly @LAZERDISK factored into the creation of this track, but in my mind, the good news is they're now associated with a track I really like. That's enough to get you on my radar because I already know @diplo is one of the most intriguing, creative DJs in the game and collaborating with proven vets like him is key in becoming relevant to a blogger like me.

Diplo's upcoming Express Yourself EP is due out June 12th. It'll be considered his "first foray into the maddening beats and booty-popping sound of New Orleans Bounce" or NOLA Bounce. Call it whatever you want, it's booty shaking greatness that's got a permanent home on my party playlists...#HandsArentTheOnlyBodyPartThatClaps

Diplo feat Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set it Off


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