Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Jets Fly Private, S5 Hybrid, Baby Test Drive My Whip"

A couple weeks ago @SLAUGHTERHOUSE debuted their newest single My Life to mixed reviews. After listening to it for a few weeks, it's become clearer to me that the group as a whole just isn't meant for the radio. The unfortunate consequence of not always translating to radio is that it usually affects the bottom line of record sales, but I want make sure and clarify my opinion that not being meant for top 40 radio isn't a slight at all to their overall talent. In fact, I probably have more respect for their music because it has the depth that generally repeatable, bubble gum pop tracks will always lack.

The main beef I have with Slaughterhouse's choice of singles is that their verses aren't as substantial. I say that because they're known for witty, sometimes edgy lyrics and that gets lost when shooting for middle of the road content meant for the radio. Using the song below as an example, it was tough finding a witty quoteable for the title of the post, which is rare for any of their songs. Still, having @ceelogreen on the track gives it a fighting chance for top 40 success. Radio worthiness aside, they are releasing a video for My Life in the coming weeks and earlier this week @joebudden gave a behind a behind the scenes interview with MTV to describe the video concept...
Their new album, Welcome to: Our House is due out in about three weeks on June 12th. Unlike most albums I'll be immediately sifting through the non-singles to find my favorite track. Can't wait to hear the end product and influence that their new record company will have on their overall sound...#ShadyRecords

Slaughterhouse feat Cee-Lo - My Life (prod by StreetRunner and Sarom)


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