Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Drama Bout to Make it Rain on Mary Poppins and Her Friends"

Call it a remix or version 1.5 of We in This Bitch, either way it's got the same instrumental from @KANEBEATZ, so don't expect much different than the original. What you can look forward to are new verses from @drake and @1future who are both running a train on FM radio at the moment. It's been a minute since Drake dropped a new verse, so his 16 was a welcome addition to the track. There weren't the usual amount of quoteables that he usually comes through with, but his jubilant tone was a good sign.

Maybe I'm a little late to the bus stop, but I have yet to hear a verse or song from Future that's really stood out. I know he's being touted as one of the big new up and comers (I see you XXL). Maybe similar to newly minted G.O.O.D. Music signee @2chainz, his style will grow on me because he's rubbing shoulders with a lot of my favorite artists. For now feel free to get with his Twitter sweepstakes by tracking this...#SameDamnTime

DJ Drama feat Drake & Future - We in This Bitch 1.5 (prod by Kane Beatz)


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