Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wolfgang Gartner Redlines EDM

I'll be the first to admit, I was late on the whole EDM craze and as a result, late on really talented artists like @WOLFGANGGARTNER. Fear not, I'm not about to let that dissuade me from catching up to the pack and staying up on the newest singles like Wolfgang's new below.

If you haven't heard of Wolfgang or somehow missed his new melt your face off awesome collabo with
Tiesto (We Own the Night), I'd start with his debut album Weekend in America. For all Hip Hop fans tuning in, you'll be interested to know that he collaborated with @TheRealEve, @jimjonescapo, @Mr_Camron and @iamwill on Weekend in America. Without a doubt the standout track on the album was Get 'Em feat E-V-E if you're looking for the cliff notes version.

Even if you haven't heard his music yet, if you're a fan of EDM, you'll hear about him sooner or later since he's a part of the Ultra Music family, which might as well be the epicenter of EDM worldwide. Ultra is to EDM, what Def Jam is to Hip Hop. You feel me?

This week Wolfgang created a nice little animated video for you to follow along for all you visual learners...

Call it simple, low budget, or even childish, I think it does a pretty decent job at focusing the listener on the music, which is enough to keep my attention. Overall a great single, that you should add to your (I assume) growing list of favorite EDM tracks...#EDM

Wolfgang Gartner - Redline


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