Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DGuetta & Nicky Romero - Metropolis

If I were to take a trip this summer to the UK, I'd probably base my trip around the @nickyromero, @davidguetta and @NERVOMUSIC concert at Alexandra Palace on June 1st. If you're sitting there wondering why in the world someone would do that, feel free to press play below for the tip...just to see how it feels:
Yea, I'd say it's safe to say the calibur of EDM is a step higher over in Europe with the likes of the gentlemen below, plus @avicii, @djafrojack, and @calvinharris to name a few. I'll caution the casual listener about the track below, though. If you're not into repetitive synthesizers, then Metropolis probably isn't for you. On the flip side, if you're in the mood for some high energy dance music after a few adult drinks, then you may in fact wild out to this. Every genre is best consumed at a different temperament, the track below just happens to be tastiest while under the influence. Enjoy responsibly kids...#GoHam

David Guetta & Nicky Romero - Metropolis (Original Mix)


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