Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Justin Bieber Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

Now that @justinbieber has more million followers (19) than he is years old (18), it's safe to say he is probably the most popular artist ever to be that age. Maybe it was a coincidence that the Social Networking revolution happened as soon as he was making it big, but you gotta admit, getting 60 mentions per second twenty four hours of the day is some pimp shit. Even better, out of the 65 million tweets that are posted daily, three out of every 100 tweets concern the Biebs. An employee of Twitter was quoted saying, "At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3 per cent of our infrastructure. Racks of our servers are dedicated to him." Oh yea, that was back in 2010 too...#GTFOHWT

The real question is, does he even need to market his music? I ask because, let's say only one out of 19 twitter followers who hang on his every word buy his album. That's still a platinum album solely on a small fraction (5.2%) his followers, which is beyond nuts. I used to be proud that I was on his bandwagon right after One Time (which now has 288 million+ views on YouTube), but what's the point anymore. I don't say that out of anger or disgust, more out of exhaustion. I mean I still like his music, but it get's tough to keep cheering for the undefeated team after a while if you know what I mean.

Commentary aside, I do like his @mikeposner produced Whisper Song sounding new single Boyfriend. As soon as I heard the intro, all I was waiting for was the line "wait til you see my d***!", anybody else think that on first listen? I would have gained so much respect for him if he would have went that route (#StreetCred). His new single is scheduled to appear on his upcoming album Believe, due out sometime in 2012. It's every bit as sing along as you'd expect, but I can't hate too much on the inclusion of the acoustic guitar and subtly mischievous whisper tone. The shelf life on this one will be like a comet in the sky for me, but that isn't going to prevent me from sharing it before it gets pounded into your skull by top 40 radio...#YoureWelcome

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (prod by Mike Posner)


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