Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fabolous and R Les Are Beautiful Liars

"She said the truth is overrated like underwear,
And if the shoe fittttts, she wanna pair"
It's been well established that @MYFABOLOUSLIFE and @ryanleslie make great music together. It started on @kerihilson's Everything, Everyday, Everywhere and more recently morphed into one of the best songs of 2010 when they got together on You Be Killin' Em. Knowing their past together, you can imagine why I rushed their most recently collabo straight to the nearest iTunes playlist. I mean I might have even thrown it into the baby makin' music playlist inadvertently, IDGAF as long as it somehow found it's way on my iPod.

Even more intriguing, I really liked the original, solo version of Beautiful Lie that R Les cooked up. Add in an point verse from one of the most creative wordplay artists in the game and it's a done deal. Word has it, Les is More is actually going to be released on June 5th, which is nothing short of a miracle considering how many times it's stopped and started. I'll buy it though, especially with this flood of new content including his new promo video for Rain in Australia (below).

Aaaannd as I'm watching the end of the video it says, "Les is More This Summer." I stand by my original statement, I'll believe it when it see it. And when I see it, you better believe I'll be pumped...#LesIsMore

Ryan Leslie feat Fabolous - Beautiful Lie (Remix)


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