Friday, May 18, 2012

Videos of the Week May 18th

It's not everyday I post a passionate kiss as the hero image for a post, but this one was a little too interesting to pass up. I don't think anyone could have predicted @NICKIMINAJ casting @Nas as her romantic interest in her latest video Right By My Side. That being said, Nas seems to be all over the news lately dropping tracks left and right and showing up in videos, so the timing makes it seemed planned. Still, topping off the video with a passionate kiss at the end was interesting to say the least.

Also, it is me or have the animated video become the cost effective way to go now? That's two in a week counting Wolfgang's new one, @THEREALBANNER's video with @Chrisbrown's new video for Amazing. I'm still waiting for @calvinharris's new one with @neyocompound to start taking over top 40 radio. To top it off, check out the two videos at the bottom that show how white people and alcohol mix quite well. Speaking of which, holler atcha boy if you're at Bamboozle tonight...#Bamboozle

Nicki Minaj feat Chris Brown - Right By My Side (Video)

Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo - Let's Go (Video)

David Banner feat Chris Brown - Amazing (Video)

Kid Rock, Paradime and Yelawolf Perform Fight For Your Right (Live)

Mayer Hawthorne - Henny & Gingeale (Video)


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