Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goodie Mob is Back With Southern Soul

Ecstatic is a good word to describe my initial reaction when I heard Goodie Mob was coming out with a comeback album. I use the phrase comeback album because it's been since 2005 (7 years!) since they last released an album. To be fair though, I was guilty of tuning their last album, One Monkey Don't Stop No Show, completely out. Keepin' it 100, it was because that album just wasn't good at all...at least compared to their first two albums, which were really solid.

A lot has changed since the group first got together around 1995. For starters, @ceelogreen is now a universal pop icon, which wasn't the case when the group first started releasing music. It will be interesting to see how that changes their music because on first glance, the first two songs that have surfaced off their upcoming album Age Against the Machine are heavy on the vocals and light on the verses. Speaking of which, they just performed their lead single titled Fight to Win on NBC's The Voice this week (below)...

Julius Ceasar and his band of glowing grilled trojan fighters? That's what came to mind when watching that video. Very inspirational and radio friendly, which is a 180 from the music they used to create. Not hating one bit, just stating the facts and noticing the change in style.

If I had to pick I'd choose their other new song Is That You God? over their lead single. I'd choose it because the amount of soul they're able to pack into one track is incredible. Sure Cee-Lo's vocals really help, but the general mood of the track reminds me exactly why I'm such a big fan of Goodie Mob. They always manage to hammer home a positive, spiritual message through their verses while imparting soul on the hook. If you haven't heard of Goodie Mob and only enjoy Cee-Lo's music, then this is the perfect track to introduce you to their sound. Southern soul with a Hip Hop twist has never sounded so right...#GoodieMobbIsBack

Goodie Mob - Is That You God?


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