Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"Cause Tonight We Won't Remember, With the People We Can Never Forget"

Right in his back pocket is where American Pop music continues to reside, as @davidguetta continues to shuffle whatever recognizable artist in and out of his studio on his non-stop dance music style assault. This time, @iyazlive provides the vocals over the slightly-uptempo electronic beat with the sugar sweet hook. Put it this way, not deviating from a formula that works will get you 20 million facebook likes, so it'd be stupid at this point to go against the grain...you feel me?

If you don't like the harmonic electronic dance rhythms that have been invading radio of late, you probably can't wait until this fad ceases or the likes of David Guetta de-ceases. I'll admit, going with the hype and getting sucked into what everyone else likes isn't usually the admirable thing to do as a self respecting blogger. I'm here to provide you a glimpse into what I like and the reason I don't always post what's on other blogs is because you can probably find a million other people that like the same song on the radio or blog about, which makes it impossible to differentiate yourself as a writer or blogger by going with the grain. As a result, while some reading this probably yawn and go to the next page or even better yet, just wait til tomorrow's post, I'm ok with that because most of you know I'm a buyer of dance music in general. Just because American pop culture decided to get on the same wavelength as me doesn't make me a $ell out, but it does make me cliche. I'm ok with that tonight though, I'm still gonna rest easy, so don't you worry bout me homeboy.

(Steps down off soap box)...anyways, big fan of
D Guetta's Soundcloud though, that's a great one stop spot for high quality electro beats. No word yet on a new album for IYAZ, but between this and his new track with @TRAVIEMCCOY Pretty Girls, it's headed in the direction of success. Hope you like carbonated water and sugar because there is no diet in this pop...#MidwestPeopleDrinkPop

IYAZ - Last Forever (prod by David Guetta)


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