Saturday, June 04, 2011

"Not Me Baby, I Won’t Runaway, Cowards Runaway"

Some new Scotty off his upcoming rock flavored album with his rock band 2 Be Continuum. Check the video below as he introduces his new record label (Wicked Awesome Records) and band name (changed from Wizard to 2 Be Continuum)

Y'all remember when @dotdagenius helped put @wizardcud on the map with Day N Nite? It's an understatement to say that he's been very instrumental (pun intended) in creating Cudi's melacholy, dark sound that has dominated his better music and created the unique, independent sound that he's know for. This one is what you'd expect tone wise, but with a little more background guitar (hence the rock focus.

Still patiently waiting for the A Man Named Scott mixtape that's due out this summer. It seems like the mixtape will keep the Hip Hop vibe, while the album will be more rock driven with Cudi promising to man the guitar, while Dot Da Genius learns the bass. So many variables surrounding Cudi's 2011 music including mixing in the rock sound and getting off the Kush. Whether it changes his musical creativity remains to be seen, but from the sounds of Perfect is the Word, there will still be quite a bit of continuuuuuuity...

Kid Cudi - Perfect is the Word (prod by Dot Da Genius)


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