Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Let's Take a Journey Across My Mind and Fall in Love With the Things We Find"

I've been putting on blast a lot of high profile summer singles this week and to cap the week off (let's be honest the week ends on Fri at 5PM when people with lives live on the weekend and put blogging on hold #Perspective) it'd only be fair I threw you a bone as far as an underground joint with serious potential that's a little off the beaten path. To be fair, @richkidsndsystm has been creepin' on a come up for a while now with promises of a new mixtape coming out this summer followed by buzz tracks like the one below and Not Far From Home (below)...

...oh yea and A Little Bit of Time...

I've heard a lot of bloggers call their music fun, summery and even beach music, all of which are in the ballpark for trying to pin down their sound. RKSS definitely give off that Indie vibe where their music is a constant attempt to be different and incorporate live instrumentation with their beats. It's safe to say they accomplished that mission on the track below, Sonnet 27, their most noteworthy track to date. The beat is something I'd picture @wizardcud goin' in on with the dreamy lyrics, but in their own way they managed reel me in with the razor sharp hook that quickly landed them at the top of the majority of playlists this week. Add to the electro-synth beat breakdown around the 2:38 mark and I was sold man.

All around a great track and very appropriate for any and every summer cookout, beach adventure or top down ride through the city. RKSS, you've got my full attention after this heat rock, I look forward to similar creativity from the upcoming mixtape and will be on ready 5 to review it if proves to be as quality front to back as Sonnet 27...#StayTuned

Rich Kid Sound System - Sonnet 27


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