Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Script Concert Review at Mann Music Center

As a frequent concert-goer and current recovering concert addict, I (obviously) like going to different venues and seeing what each has to offer. Whether that be the big amphitheaters, the dive bars, the outdoor-threw-a-stage-in-a-big-grassy-area, or the small, seated artsy theaters...I've seen a few different places in my day. Normally I'd say take what I say with a grain of salt because there's probably someone out there with the same sort of experiences and perceived wisdom that can argue an intriguing counterpoint. This would not be one of those times as I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm well versed in dissecting the pros and cons of various destinations.

I preface my review with that disclaimer strictly based on what I'm about to say about the venue I attended. The Mann Music Center is hands down one of the best venues I have ever seen a concert at. Why you ask? To start with, easy to get in and out of parking wise, a big plus. Second, it's great for pre-gaming, bringing a cooler and kickin' it pre and post-concert. Third, the amphitheater is just plain awesome. It's built into the side of a hill, so really, the farther back you are row wise, the better because you're more elevated. I'd contend the balcony seating is just as intriguing because it's even more elevated with a birds eye view. There's also really easy access to bathrooms, lawn seating and even a catered dinner available in a tent within the confines in case you'd like to eat like a champ prior to the show.

Not sold yet? Welp, check out the view below of the city of Philadelphia, which just so happens to be perfectly on the horizon and easily visible from the top of the hill inside the venue. (See below)
Maybe it helped that it just so happened to be the perfect night temp wise with some sun to boot, or even that I was able to lounge on the cushy couches under a tent pre-show, which was relaxing after a usual 8-5. Either way, it was all very noteworthy and deserving of a few paragraphs...#UrWelcomeMannCenter

Alright on to the show, where evidently @safetysuit was the band that opened for @THESCRIPT. I say evidently because I was so enamored with my surroundings and subsequent wanderlust, that I wasn't concerned in the least who was opening. I failed you there, but they sounded worthwhile in the distance and as a token of my appreciation, go check out their new album Life Left to Go.

Not more than a half hour or so passed between the set change (which was appreciated) and as I found my seats I remembered having cashed in on the pre-sale, which meant dope, up close seats. I would have preferred being centered, but you can't complain much being 15 rows from the stage. Going into the concert I was only semi-familiar with much of The Script's music. I was a big fan of their big hit For the First Time, but hadn't taken the time to collect some of their earlier work. That ended up being a good thing as I left the show having taken lyrical notes of 3 or 4 different tracks that I really liked. Like for example, the one below, The Man Who Can't Be Moved which seemed like an obvious fan favorite...
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved (live @ Mann Music Center)

It's always cool hearing past memories of a current, well-known band (like The Script) speaking on past memories of when they came to the same city years ago as an up and coming artist. The sincerity comes across when they remember what song stuck with the fans that night because they sang along word for word. That pretty much sums up why The Man Who Can't Be Moved stuck with me, every single person (except me) knew every lyric, word for word. I get goosebumps with that kinda stuff...#ThatsWhatConcertAddictsSay

After witnessing a full set, their Irish accents really stood out between songs as they made idle conversation with the audience. I feel like the expected U2 comparisons are fair and not too far off base. There's no getting around how vocally talented lead singer @Dannythescript is and while they may never reach the heights of U2, they're definitely making a name for themselves and continuing to put Ireland on the map for Contemporary Rock.

Heading into the encore I was full aware that they were probably saving their most notable hit, For the First Time for last, but what I forgot was that they also were the ones behind Break Even. That came as a total curveball to me as the last song and made me feel really out of touch with their music. I got some good video of them performing their latest hit, though, so don't be bashful and give it a look (below)...
The Script - For the First Time (live @ Mann Music Center)

Fun concert overall at a great venue, I really couldn't have asked for much more. I'd recommend seeing The Script live because like me, you may find yourself not realizing that they're got more hits out there than you know.


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