Monday, June 27, 2011

Kid Ink is Poppin' on the Low

I'm more than a couple minutes late on the track below, but after giving @kid_ink's new album a listen and seeing his new video for Low Key Poppin, I had to share a few thoughts. In case you missed it, Kid just released a mixtape titled Daydreamer a week ago that was executive produced by @DEEJAYILLWILL. This album all the sudden became pretty noteworthy to me personally when I saw the likes of @THERUNNERS, @SMOKEDOUTLUGER and @thabizness on the production credits. Put it this way, I'm more of a fan of producers than I am artists because there's a lot stronger correlation between music I like and who produced it...#My2Cents

Fresh outta LA and ink'd up damn near head to toe, you can probably guess where his name came from. What you wouldn't expect is that he's been behind the scenes collaborating with a lot of your favorite artists while beginning to write his own stuff in preparation of launching his own solo career. Now signed by The Alumni Entertainment Group (who have one of the flashier sites I've seen in a while), you can expect that the near 30k downloads of his new album will only increase.

I did my part and copped the album and it'd be worth your while to check out tracks like Blackout and Live it Up, which should find a way on there more than a few iPods the next month or two. If you have any doubts check the video and ride out to the dope Runners beat...

The west coast needs someone to lead the new school Hip Hop charge and I'd throw Kid Ink in a small group of up and comers like @kendrick_lamar, @NIPSEYHUSSLE and @jayrock who have the ability to run with the likes of @THEREALCROOKEDI in keeping the buzz high out in Cali. Hip Hop needs Cali to be strong in order to continue being recognized as one of the most powerful genre's out. I'm cynical based on what the new crowd has to offer as a whole, but there's a lot of hope and the track below is a big reason why...

Kid Ink - Low Key Poppin' (prod by The Runners)


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