Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Foster the People - Outrun My Gun

Los Angeles band, @fosterthepeople has built quite the following of late, even selling out their stop through my city of Austin, at famed venue Emo's. Given the chance to see them at Coachella in April, I couldn't resist; I had heard so much about them, and the only song of their's I knew, Pumped up Kicks, was oozing with potential. It has since become one of my favorite songs of the summer, and though I've played out the original (with video below), the remix from @itstheknocks is pretty epic, and we've got that mp3...
Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

Lo and behold, their Coachella was absolutely packed. It wasn't long before I realized that I was surrounded by a crowd of 16 to 20 year old's that screamed and danced like their life depended on it.

I came away less than impressed, and I have only myself to blame. They are very good at catering to a certain pop-music crowd, that previously unbeknownst to me, I wasn't a part of. Upon listening to their album after the festival, it only reiterates those thoughts. They are very well liked, and I don't mean to discourage you from listening, I guess I just expected something different.

Foster the People - Helena Beat


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