Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Hey! I See You Flashing Me Your Taillights"

As the days count down to July 12th when the @coolxkids finally release their first full length album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, I'm finding it hard to hold back the excitement as the leaks steadily find their way onto the internet, then shortly after that, to iTunes. Seems like finally breaking free from the suits (no swimming) and finding a home on Green Label Sound is proving to be the perfect combination of awesome for @ChuckisDope and @SirMichaelRocks. When I say awesome, I mean both monetarily and creatively, as they're able to give us what they want us to hear like they've done on their extremely dope and unheralded mixtapes like Tacklebox and Gone Fishing, as well as make ALL THE PROFITS from their upcoming album. #MostArtistsWish

Below you'll find their newest single, which will be song 9 on When Fish Ride Bicycles. It's an uptempo, laid back, fun, party starter type track where the guitar will make you shake your hips a bit as the subterranean bass provides a not so subtle reminder of why you installed those after market subs in the trunk...
Yup, that's wassup, no half steppin' with the treble heavy laptop/PC speakers, do the song some justice and loosen the screws a bit in the back of your car. All in all, it's a solid track and @MAYERHAWTHORNE will reel in the ladies with his smooth vocals, make no mistake about it, he's got a high pitched, but grown and sexy appeal to his music. I don't like this track as much as I did Bundle Up, but it's still worthy album track and worth adding to the newest playlist you're goin' with.

So far there hasn't been a let down one bit from the high that Hip Hop is continuing to ride with all the high profile, great new singles that have dropped this month. All I ask of you, yea you reading this, is that you go out and support TCK and cop their album on iTunes when it drops so that they can get rewarded for their unique and undeniably thrown back style of music. In other words, they're a big part of what's keeping Hip Hop evolving and continuing to be interesting, so at the very least that should warrant you at least copping an iTunes single. #ThinkAboutIt

The Cool Kids feat Mayer Hawthorne - Swimsuits


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