Monday, June 06, 2011

"I Turn the Music Up, I'm on a Roll This Time, And Heaven is in Sight"

Leave it to @COLDPLAY to continue to make inspirational, uplifting music. I can't think of any better adjectives to describe their new single Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. It's every bit the lead single that Viva La Vida was, but this time instead of violins, they went the acoustic guitar to start and offset it with a triumphant guitar riff throughout.

Even more interesting, Coldplay's upcoming, yet to be titled fifth studio album is supposed to be more edgy and address the band's struggle with personal vices and industry drama. Wait what? Not sure how that comes across in the track below, but their drummer, Will Champion made an interesting comparison below to drive the point home...
"There's a phrase which my wife told me from a book, I can't remember which book, but a man is asked, 'Are you married?' And he says, 'Yes, of course I'm married. I have a wife, kids, the whole catastrophe,' " he said."Catastrophe just means something big and seismic but not necessarily bad. It's all about embracing the whole thing. Appreciating the good and bad and realising it's all part of life." - Source: MTV
Whatever the finished product comes out to be remains to be seen, but all I know is that I've had this on heavy repeat since I got it. Be sure to cop it at either Amazon for 69 cents or iTunes for $1.29, especially if you need a pick me up...

Coldplay - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


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