Sunday, June 19, 2011

"She Familiar with Fendi, Comfortable in Chanel, And You Know Errthang' High When You Livin' Swell"

About 8 days and 9 hours before @bigsean's debut album Finally Famous drops. After one lap around it I've found a few favorites like the one below and his collab with @LUPEFIASCO, Wait For Me, which are all added bonuses because tracks like My Last, I Do It and (my personal favorite) What Goes Around were enough to make it a solid album. I'm not proclaiming front to back greatness regarding the yet to be released album, but I'll at least note that there are hidden gems in there that make you feel like you're not playing Air Penguin jumping from single to single and avoiding filler tracks.

On the track below you're going to get a couple well put together verses big Sean Don that showcase the pause and stop flow that he coined before artists like Kanye, Lil Wayne and Drake followed suit. The features are fitting too with @realWizKhalifa starting his verse with a trademark, glee club quality harmony followed by a fierce, energetic 11 bars. Put it this way, how could you NOT involve Wiz in a track called high? #NoBrainer...

With every track I'm becoming a bigger fan of @chiddybang and more specifically @xaphoonjones when he surfaces on the production credits. The heavy bassline with a touch of percussion and synth sets the tempo well on this and set the stage for all three verses. I still need a listen or two before I make a final judgment, but the likelihood of Finally Famous living up to the high expectations is a good bet.

Big Sean ft Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang - High (prod by Xaphoon Jones)


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