Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buzz Artist: Javier Colon

Making my normal rounds on my nightly RSS route, I was faced again with the usual task of deciding what to check out and what to pass on. Generally I give the inbox a look for submissions first and if it strikes my fancy, I talk about it on here. After that I click the drop downs on all my Top 25 sites on my Live Bookmarks to pick, choose and read valued opinions, as well as form my own.

A week ago, I went outside the normal Hip Hop realm when I saw one of the sites I frequent post a sample from an Acoustic EP by @javstwtr.

After digging a little deeper, I found out that Javier is performing live tonight in the finals of NBC's The Voice. A graduate of The Hartt School at the University, he's clearly more seasoned than that average breakthrough artist. He's been a part of EmcQ, The Derek Trucks Band and has quietly released two full length solo albums (Javier, Left of Center) while with Capitol Records. You may remember his single Crazy back in 2003?

There's little doubt, he's a got a great voice and a very underrated talent, but luckily for him NBC realized that and he's now in the final 4 of The Voice. Check out his most recent performance and pay attention to the reaction from the judges at the end. It speaks volumes with the speakers being turned up...
Listening at the end to @ADAMLEVINE rave about his voice, even going as far as saying it's one of the best he's ever heard period...man that was pretty cool. Not sure why they made such a big deal out of him taking off the hat, maybe he's weird about it, but what does it matter, without dispute, dude has an absolutely amazing voice. If you're wanting your own copy, the folks at NBC were smart and gracious enough to get a studio version of the song above of Fix You.

If you're like me, you've already been to iTunes a few times to check out his most recent live performance covers (like his duet with Adam Levine, covering Man in the Mirror). Below are my two favorites off his latest studio release, The Truth Acoustic EP. If you're like me and don't watch too much American Idol or any live talent competition reality show, consider this a wake up call to one of the more talented, soon to be stars in Javier Colon. Oh and if you want to see Javier and all the other contestants live, check the 6 tour dates they have booked so far for this summer...

Javier Colon - Meant to Be

Javier Colon - Come Through


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