Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Let's Call Up I’m Drinkin', Let's All Get Wasted"

I'm not sure whether to call this a B side or R&B remix of I'm On One, but it's lethal dose of somber R&B, that's for sure. I take that back actually, he throws in an obligatory 16 near the end of the song, sorta like he did on Shut it Down. C'mon y'all what'd you think that a sensitive dude like @drakkardnoir would actually like all these fast women surrounding him? Child please, ADG is tryna find a mature businesswoman type who enjoys the finer things of life like wine and has her sh*t together...

...which leads us to the subject of this track, Trust Issues. The whole slow jam over an @ovo40 beat deals with the constant mental struggle and temptation of having women on ready 5 to treat him like a trophy (f word) when all he's craving is some substance in a woman. Don't look down fellas, not all men like happy meals that are quick and fulfilling, some crave aged prime rib (pun intended + bad wording/example), you feel me?

Subject matter aside, I'm appreciating the diversity on Drake's newest leaks. They've been heavy on the 40 beats, which has been giving his tracks more of a So Far Gone vibe, but the artist we now hear on tracks is a different person with different types of stories and problems. Being a fan of depressing, somber music that is heavy on emotional content, I can dig tracks like the one below because it's raw and transparent, which is rare and again why I can level with Drake's tracks better than your average Hip Hop track. Three cuts in a couple weeks after relative obscurity, consider yourself lucky and hope for more...(like that new single that's droppin' in July)

Drake - Trust Issues (prod by Noah "40" Shebib)


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