Sunday, June 05, 2011

311 is Still One of My Favorite Bands

Through the years I still haven't found a better live alt rock band than @311. Sure I'm biased because they incorporate a little more Hip Hop and Reggae than the guitar based band, but they really kick ass in concert. I'm feeling really out of the loop since it's been a few years since I've seen them live, but the good news is they are coming to see me in a month. I'm betting they're coming to see you too, so click here for their full tour schedule.

When you go out and support them make sure you're up on their new album Universal Pulse, due out July 19th. The lead single below, Sunset in July is about what you'd expect from them. It's every bit as fun and laid back as you'd expect with their signature quirky, upbeat guitar riffs throughout. Maybe it's the repeatability of their music or the fact that it's damn near impossible to be in a bad mood listening to their upbeat funk, all I know is their brand of music is undeniably classic. I dare someone to argue against that...#Haters

Peep their homemade video visual below and don't ignore the Universal Pulse this summer. Oh and Happy B-day P-Nut..

311 - Sunset in July


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