Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"This is the Song For My Haters, Y'all Got Me Feelin' Like the Greatest"

Lately, hearing tracks like We On, Who Dat, and recently Premediatated Murder, I've been steadily gaining quite a bit of respect for Jermaine or Maine as he used to be known as. Each track I've heard of his is building off the last, surpassing my last favorite track with every new track.

And the track below Blow Up, is by far his best effort to date. He'll always bring the creative wordplay, but the beat on this track is legitimately bangin' and considering he's the one who produced the track, daps & lbs are in order. When I gave the track a full listen I couldn't put my finger on it, but the beat reminded me of a track and I kept playing the beat over and over in my head trying to bring back some lyrics. Thank the lawd for Google is all I gotta say because that song just happened to be Common's track The Corner, produced by none other than @KanyeWest. Check it below and tell me it doesn't remind you of Cole's new track...

It always takes just the right amount of timing, confidence and audacity to forecast yourself blowing up, but it's damn near the norm these days for up and coming artists to talk it before they live it in order to legitimately blow up. I can't hate on that one bit because you have to talk like you're better than everyone else in order to become it. There are only so many soft spoken Joe Mauer's out there, most everybody else (at least in pro sports and Hip Hop) has to create their own self-fulfilling verbal prophecy in order to convince people who have the resources to invest that you have the confidence to be unflappable. It's a double edged sword though because there is nothing worse than someone who talks mad ish and never backs it up...

If you aren't convinced yet that @jcolenc is on some other ish lyrically listen for the quote-ables below:
"This for my n****s that ain't satisfied with secondary,
This is for my sistas who ain't satisfied with secretary"

"They say what you fighting for the game is on life support
And Gary Coleman just passed, life is short"

"Momma say I should reconsider law school,
That means I wear a suit and bent the truth and feel awful,
Hell naw, got a degree but what that cost you
You make a good salary just to pay Sally May"

"You mean to tell me everything gon be fine
If I call your hotline and pay 29.99?"
Hard for me to bet against him blowing up, especially with tracks this hot...be on the look out for his new Cole World, due out on October 26th, which will include the track below...

J. Cole - Blow Up (prod by J. Cole)
Link taken down by request please go to iTunes to download


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