Thursday, August 19, 2010

Throwback Thurs: "Me, I Cried Out 'God!', You Dared Me in the Dark"

Last week Three Six Mafia, this week Passion had to see that coming right? I don't think there's a transition from last week to this week that would ever do that justice, but I'm continuing the Indie/Synth/Electro mood I've been in of late. I decided to Throwback Thurs about 15 months back to May '09 when a group from Cambridge, Massachusetts called Passion Pitt decided to drop a debut album that I equate to MGMT's Oracular Spectacular. Their debut album, Manners, made some serious waves and generated a them pretty huge, devoted fan base, especially in Europe. I compare the two bands because they've got that same out there, weird electro sound, with even more off the wall lyrics. As an anecdote, here's the beginning of my favorite track of theirs, To Kingdom Come:
That's a frosty way to speak
To tell me how to live next to your potpourri
All this talking pulls my teeth
I believed in you, you believed in...Me!
Wrap your head around that for a sec...but don't try too hard because you may cease to give a sh** after you realize the allure of the track is the high pitched harmony on the hook, blending with the jumpy, but well meshed keyboard and synthesizers that provide the organized electro chaos concoction that ends up being a surprisingly soothing and funky beat. If you're wondering what they look like in action...or at least a wacky, produced version of what they look like, check out their video for To Kingdom Come below:

Man those dudes look like some serious nerds, which couldn't be cooler to someone who blogs daily and has a job in IT #GetAtYaBoyGWDJ. Their weird videos make the MGMT comparisons even more dead on, but I'd give the more filled with funk nod to the Electric Feel-ers, while @passionpit has clearly become a bigger hit overseas in the UK as more of an electro Indie hit, dominating British dance floors. To summarize @whereismgmt = American funk, @passionpit = British I off base on that?

Regardless, two good bands that you should probably get learned on before some Brit calls you a bloody square!

Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come


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