Monday, August 30, 2010

"Louis Vuitton Shoes, She Got Too Much Pride, Her Feet Killin' Her, I Call It Shoeicide"

Yea it happened again...The Takeover...where a song I recently added to the iPod and have yet to listen to completely takes over. I'm talkin' like that triple-take you instinctually find yourself doing when a fine woman passes and you can't help but become fixated. There is little doubt in my mind that when Ryan Leslie and Fabolous get together on a track, it's not fair to everyone else in Hip Hop...all other artists might as well sit back and watch the clock wind down to zero because it's O-V-E-R W-I-T-H!

Case in point, their first notable collab last year with @misskeribaby in the mix with Everyday, Everywhere, Everything. See video below:

Man I remember when the snippet of that track leaked and I thought it was Christmas. Come to find out the full version with Fab's verses took it to another level of audio meth style addiction.

In comparison, the new one below is off @MYFABOLOUSLIFE's new EP titled There Is No Competition: The Grieving Music EP due out tomorrow Aug 31st. I've always been a huge fan of John David Jackson's wordplay since he entered the rap game, he's creative on a whole different level with his lyrics and comparisons. Case in point his little 5 percenter, where 95% of the world will probably pass over it wondering WTF he's talking about. Start of the 2nd verse:
"Yea I know that's what they all says,
She got a donkey with her, Juan Valdez"
If you don't remember Juan Valdez, you must not drink coffee, see pic below:
Sure it's plain to say a girl has a nice ass, but to take it a step further with a Juan Valdez reference is just plain stupid and deserves far more praise than I'm able to give with letters and words on a blog. Serious...serious daps & lbs are in order for that quotable.
Other lines like:
"Shorty in the streets
Still handle the home
Enough class for wine
Still handle Patron
When them other girls call I hand her the phone
And she hand em the tone"
and he even puts a wrap on the track with a Drake-esque semi-acapella heartfelt ending...
"And you just came from the gym clothes
And a fitted cap
And some Timbos
And a pair of flats
Well trimmed toes
Camera in the mirror BBM pose"
I'm inclined to say this might be my favorite track in the past month, it's that front to back good. When it comes to paying homage to women creatively on wax, there are none better than F-A-B, y'all remember Can't Let You Go? Maybe the wit is what makes it all worth it, but when you give him a top notch beat to take off with, there aren't many better at weaving words together like Fab.

UPDATE: Check the video..

Shouts out to @RYANLESLIE on the beat too, you're still on the All-Underrated producer team and still amaze me with magic you pull on them keys man. I'm tellin' you, the track is Pringles good man, one play won't do it justice...

Fabolous - You Be Killin' Em (prod by Ryan Leslie)
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Nicole September 6, 2010 at 12:09 AM  

i can't stop listening to this song. its absolutely amazing. fab kills it

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