Monday, August 16, 2010

"I Keep 'Em Comin' Back Like a Recidivist"

If you haven't heard of Laws, I'll take part of the blame on that one as I've been quietly bangin' out his 4:57 PM Mixtape since February and more recently, his re-release of that tape with the song below titled 5:01 (Overtime). Shouts out to for hosting both mixtapes and allowing you the ability to cop both tapes with that ominous $0 bill that keeps floating around the internet. Let's just say ya boy is rich off dem C-Notes akacero stacks...#DontKnocktheHustle.

Anyways, if you're a fan of intelligent, well crafted verses then it would be in your best interest to do a right click save as when you go to to check out his mixtapes. For instance, I wasn't even schooled on what the hell a recidivist was until I heard this track and looked it up. Turns into a pretty good line when you consider how recidivists are repeat offenders or ones who keep coming back to crime. I'm pretty torn on which version of Hold You Down I like better, the remix with Big K.R.I.T or first version where he goes in on his own and spits two crazy verses with lines like:
"Rhymin' only when the camer-as come, I'm a boss M Bison and Gannon in one"

"You want to take it back well I'm good,
My back-pack got an axe to cut my own path through the woods,
As long as that's understood,
We can sit straight,
I just changed my life off a free mixtape"

"But if you think I think jewelrys fake well then you way off,
I got enough charm that Jacob could take a day off"
The only thing that matches the credit-worthy craftsmanship on @lawshiphop verses is the slightly trippy, but head nod worthy backdrop laid by none other than Khalil Abdul-Rahman. You want a fresh sounding Hip Hop track, there's no better producer out right now than @IMADEITINC at adding in a unique rock sample or concocting an upbeat head banger. Check the original track below...

Laws - Hold You Down (prod by DJ Khalil)

And you know I couldn't leave you hangin' without posting the newer version off 5:01 (Overtime), especially with @bigkrit adding a verse to an already bangin' track. Even better this version has a video, so you get to see three up and coming lyricists up close and in I didn't forget you either @emiliorojas, your verse was just as noteworthy with lines like"
"I'm still a sarcastic, Brazilian bastard, whose piece of the pie is thicker than Sicilian"
"Haters gettin' lazy comparin' me to Eminem, Eh?, Not quite, I'm just the sickest ever since"

"Aimin' right a Solar's face when I pull it, and write truly yours from Guru on the bullet" (GREAT LINE...R.I.P. Guru #SolarIsDeadWrong)
...3 for 3 on verses plus one when taking into account the beat....evidence below...

Gotta love the grimy MI-SS-I-SS-IPPI flow with K.R.I.T. line:
"Who would thought it? Southern eyes on the rise, muddy water flow, I'm cat-fish deep fried"
Find me another track out right now that has three verses as solid as the ones on this remix...

Laws feat Big K.R.I.T. & Emilio Rojas - Hold You Down (remix) (prod by DJ Khalil)
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